What is a Pocket Pussy and Anus Flashligth?

What is a Pocket Pussy and Anus Flashligth?  Male Masturbators, some of them are automatic, some others no. Yet, the point is to have a channel (vagina or anus like) to introduce a erected penis and masturbate. 
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What is an Automatic Blowjob Devices? How they work?

Automatic Blowjob Devices 

They are male sucking vibrator with no batteries to replace, and no messy power cords to get in the way of the fun. Our serie of sucking vibrators are powered by a lithium battery and super-strong motor that delivers amazing thrills and endless pleasure combinations! Unlike ordinary automatic strokers that either spin around or stroke up and down, the advanced Mega-Bator combines both movements for the most mind-blowing sensations ever created.

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