A Beginner's Guide to Different Kinds of Sex Toys

No matter what generation you belong to, there is always pressure on looking sexier and performing well with your partner. In this endeavor, people go out looking for alternative ways of adopting modern sex toys for impressing their other halves. Although the goal should be to celebrate human sexual expression without devaluing their natural ability.

People feel excited after making their first purchase of a vibrator, or any other of their favorite sex toys. But these purchases are difficult to make when you don’t have any basic knowledge of what kinds of sex toys are available. 

Also, you would require to know which one would suit you perfectly and that’s why we’re sharing some of the basic sex toys here. All of these sex toys are available online and can be bought on Own Pleasures.

Here are some of the main types of sex toys we are about to discuss:

The three main categories (of women’s edition) are:

  • Dildo  / Vibrators (vaginal)
    • External Vibrator
    • Internal Vibrator
    • Harness
  • Anal Toys
    • Butt Toys
  • More Stimulation
    • Combination Vibrator. 

So, let’s dive into more depth.

1. Dildo/Vibrators (vaginal)

Now you would wonder, what the heck is a dildo now when it comes to sex toys? As per one of the best sex educators, Lisa Finn, “A dildo is anything phallic-shaped, or vaguely phallic-shaped, that’s designed to penetrate a vagina, anus, or mouth.”

Here are three main types of Dildos that are available for online purchase.

External Vibrator

This sex toy vibrates and is meant to be used externally on the body. There are many different types of external vibrators available, so it’s necessary for you to find out which is good for you depending on what you like to experience sexually.

Types of external vibrators include palm vibrators, jewelry vibrators, panty vibrators, wand vibrators, finger vibrators, bullet vibrators, clitoral vibrators, vibrating penis rings, and penis vibrators.     

Internal Vibrator

When you like to enjoy internal penetration either in your bum hole or your front hole when you have one, the internal vibrator is the sex toy to add to your collection. Deciding which type of internal vibrator depends on what kind of sensation you would like to experience internally.

Some of the types of internal vibrators are G-spot vibrators, A-spot vibrators, Egg vibrators, Anal vibrators, Vibrating prostate massagers, and others. Let’s explore the main types here:

Standard Dildos

These dildos are single-ended, and they mostly look like a real biological penis and work in the same manner. This standard dildo can be used in a variety of ways like holding it in your hands or even wearing it in a harness for stimulating special spots. These spots include G-spot, A-spot, and even the P-spot in people having a penis. 

You could use this dildo for solo sex and it is recommended to use a dildo with a suction cup base. This way it could be used for riding with your partner as well by attaching it to a shower wall. Another way is that you could use it to peg and for this, go for a slim and texture-free dildo.

Textured Dildos

The dildos can be made in varied ways in the form of textures. Sometimes this can be achieved easily by changing the material used for creating the dildo. Like using stainless steel for making the dildo heavy in weight as compared to the one made up of silicone. 

But there is also another way of creating a textured dildo, which is to add ripples or waves on the surface of the dildo. Also, some may have pronounced heads and veiny shapes on the outside surface. Others might have textured bumps and nubs. 

Double-ended Dildos

As the name suggests, this dildo has a head at both ends. It normally has 12 to 24 inches in length and looks like a fusion of two dildos together. While some of them might have a U shape. These double-ended dildos can be used to experiment with double penetration in the same hole or two different holes. Another way of using this could be experiencing deeper penetration.

Vibrating Prostate Massagers

These prostate massagers have an attachment that hugs against the spot that lies between the anus and the balls. This massager helps stimulate the prostate both from inside and outside.


As the standard dildos can be worn inside a harness for strap-on play, many types of harnesses are available. Although, your focus should be on purchasing the one that can fit perfectly. Preferably, the harness should be tightly fitted or be able to be fitted properly. The dildo must not be wiggling even if you are thrusting it into someone else while wearing it. This is because when it is completely fitted, it will give you more control over the attachable phallus. 

Let’s now see some of the types of Harnesses in here.

Strap-on Style

This type of harness is perfectly adjustable and can be made even tighter on your body. There are many styles of this type of harness. Like Thong-style strap-ons which have a strap that stays between the legs and is usually worn by those who have vulvas.

Similarly, the Jockstrap-style strap-ons have straps around both the butt cheeks and the waist. It provides lift to your butt. Additionally, there are double-strap strap-ons as well which are designed especially for people with penises. It consists of one hole for the penis and a second hole for the base of the dildo.  


Harnesses are also available in the form of boxers or briefs and even as thongs. These types of harnesses are suitable for those people who want to wear them underneath their clothes. This harness should be sturdy enough and comes in many different styles as well.      

Bondage Harnesses  

There are more harnesses for strap-on sex that are related to BDSM stuff and kinky desires. Some of them include chest harnesses, collar harnesses, and full-body harnesses.

Strapless Strap-on

The strapless strap-ons are usually ‘L’ shaped and these are designed such that one partner can wear this toy and thrust it onto the other partner while experiencing complete fullness. It is advisable to pair this toy with a harness on the top so that the strain can be reduced.

According to sex educator- Cassadra Corrado, “thrusting while trying to hold the toy inside your own body is incredibly taxing on the pelvic floor muscles”

This shows that although using this toy singly is possible but making it hands-free is always best suited to avoid any unnecessary complications.

2. Anal Toys


Butt Toys

According to experts, anal toys are pleasurable due to the reason that they have more nerve endings, doesn’t matter what genitals you have. Here are the types of butt toys explained in some detail:

Butt Plug

Butt plugs are used to create the fullness of sensations, this is because when people with both vulva as they have both the vaginal canal and anal canal near to each other. After wearing them into the anus, the vaginal cavity becomes tighter. 

This makes the P-in-V more pleasurable for both the partner with a penis and the feeling of fullness to the vagina holder. According to Wolfe, it increases the chances of touching the G-spot during penetration.  

Anal Beads

These sex toys are capable of creating movement and they have a design for massaging the sphincter inside. They create pleasure when they are pulled out. They also have vibrating features.  

Prostate Massagers

As discussed before, there are vibrating prostate massagers but not all of them have vibrating features. These are just normal butt plugs that have a special shape i.e., more curved used for prostate stimulation.

According to Sex Educator, Lisa Finn, “Prostates respond well to firm, methodical pressure. Often the base of the prostate massager will have a handle so that you can rock the toy back and forth against the prostate to create that pressure.”   

3. More Stimulation

Combination Vibrator   

These vibrators are a combo of both external and internal vibrators. This sex toy has two vibrating arms, one for internal stimulation and the other for external stimulation (stimulation of clit, nipples, etc). Two of the combo vibrators are Rabbit vibrators and Vibrating Prostate Massagers (already discussed in the internal vibrator category under Dildos). So, let’s see what Rabbit vibrators are: 

Rabbit Vibrators 

These types of vibrators have a curled nub for G-spot stimulation and also an external nub for clitoral stimulation. This vibrator is for those people with vulva who enjoy dual stimulation. Some others may use it to fully experience sensations in their vagina and can’t reach climax without involving clit stimulation.

It is named like this because its shape is exactly like rabbit ears and eyes. Some of the vibrators do look somewhat animal-like. But before buying one for yourself, you need to be clear on the size of your body and know exactly how much space is there between your clit. Also, know where you want to be stimulated internally.

For this, you can inspect the distance by putting two fingers inside your vagina and checking where your clit falls. This will make it clear how much distance you need between the two extensions of this vibrator.


In this blog, we discussed only a few of the main types of sex toys. But these are very commonly used and should be used properly during consensual sex only. It is important to follow the advice that we have given here directed by some of the experts on this subject.

Safety should be the priority although before performing any sexual activity with your partner by discussing all the necessary things to be involved. Seek medical guidance over any complications you might experience after the use of sex toys always.