Tail Me This: A Guide To Anal Plug Tail And Ears

Getting an anal plug tail and ears can be daunting. What if you're not averse to a little bit of discomfort? Or maybe you have tried anal toys before but felt like they were too much for you? It is important to familiarize yourself with tail plugs and ears before diving into the world of anal play. 

Tail butt plugs are not suitable for everyone at first. But it's ideal if you're comfortable with a little bit of anal play or are open-minded about trying new things. This blog will cover tail butt plugs and ears, their types, and how to care for them. 

What Are Anal Plug Tails?

An anal plug tail is a type of BDSM sex toy that is commonly used in adult games. They typically feature a plug shape with a tail made from silicone or other material. The tail can be used for pet play, added stimulation, and as a way to identify the person wearing the plug. 

Anal plug tails are typically used during BDSM activities, such as bondage and domination/submission play. They’re versatile sex toys that can enhance your experience when using them in BDSM activities. They’re also great for beginners who want to try anal play without having to worry about using too much pressure or hurting themselves.

Anal plug tails are easy to use and clean, making them a great option for anyone looking to experiment with anal play. This makes them an essential addition to anyone's BDSM kit.

Different Kinds Of Anal Plug Tail And Ears

Anal plug tails and ears come in various shapes and sizes, making them suitable for a variety of uses. Some of the styles include cosplay tails and ears, which are made from artificial materials such as silicone or plastic. 

Different colors are available, such as purple, black, blue, and pink. The tails and ears can be comfortable and lightweight, providing a seductive feeling of fullness. Some sets also include wolf tails and ears, which offer even more exciting options for enhancing cosplay or role-play experiences. 

These anal toys are easy to use and clean, making them ideal for beginners and experienced users alike. They can provide gentle stimulation without causing damage to the anus or urinary tract, making them an excellent option for those wanting a fun yet safe experience.

Base Of The Plugs

There are two different types of bases for anal plug tails - flared and non-flared. A flared base is where the sides are significantly wider than the plug, which is a barrier that prevents the tail from sliding inside. This type of tail is ideal for butt plugs with larger diameters, as there's no chance the plug could slip inside.

A non-flared tail has no barrier, so if the tail is poorly constructed, it could disintegrate the butt plug segment inside. And if the tail is too narrow, it could potentially slip inside. In a general sense, you won't need to visit the hospital when using a tail with a flared base, as there is no barrier between your anus and the tail; and it's best to use safe butt plug tails when playing with anal toys.

Where To Find Anal Plug Tail And Ears?

Anal plug tail and ear sets are available online on websites for purchase, such as OwnPleasures. These sets include a tail butt plug with ears made of silicone, with a tail length of approximately 5 inches and a width of 1.75 inches on average. It is designed to help with anal play and sex, providing both stimulation and comfort during anal sex.

How To Clean And Care For Anal Plug Tails?

- The tail and plug portion of the anal plug should be compatible with a water-based lube. You can use any type of water-based lube with a tail and plug toy. 

- Clean the plug after every use with toy cleaner and warm water to ensure safe and hygienic use. 

- To clean the tail and plug toys, use a damp cloth or sex toy wipe to thoroughly clean the material. 

- After washing, let them air dry completely. 

- You should store tails and plug toys in a cool and dry place when not in use.


Now that you know how to use anal plug tail and ears, it’s time to practice. Get in touch with your partner and see what feels best for both of you. There are a variety of different-shaped anal plug tails and ears available in the market. Pick one that suits your body type, and enjoy pleasurable anal play every now and then.