10 Surprising Benefits Of Using A Jelly Butt Plug

Playing with your butt may sound a bit odd, and it is. But if you want to experience intense anal pleasure, you should do it. Yes, it may sound weird, but the benefits are immense.

There are several different types of butt plugs available online. Some are designed for beginners, and others for advanced users. 

Whether you are new to anal play or an expert, there is a perfect butt plug for you, especially the jelly ones. Here’s an exploration of the 10 surprising benefits of using jelly butt plugs that most people don’t know about.

Jelly Butt Plugs Help You Become Accustomed To Stimulating Your Anus

The jelly butt plug is a great way to ease your way into anal play. Start with a small plug that's the size of your finger, and work your way up to bigger ones as you become more comfortable with the sensation.

When using a butt plug, it's important to use plenty of lubricant to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. You may want to experiment with different sizes of butt plugs around the anal opening to see what feels best for you.

When training yourself to use a butt plug, it's best to start with smaller sizes before moving on to larger ones as you become more familiar with the sensation. Also, don't be afraid to try different positions and variations if something feels better for you. Ultimately, there’s no “right” way to use a butt toy - it’s about finding what works for you and your individual preferences.

With Jelly Butt Plugs, You Can Feel Several Sensations

A jelly butt plug is a fun and easy way to experiment with anal play. The anus has tons of nerve endings, so a butt plug can provide different sensations depending on the size you use. Start with a simple, non-vibrating plug and work your way up to vibrating ones if you prefer more intense stimulation.

When experimenting with jelly butt plugs, we recommend you have plenty of time to experiment and try different options. This will allow you to find which plug gives you the most pleasure. Additionally, ensure you're comfortable before playing with any toys in your anus. That includes both the toy and the water in which it's being used.

Orgasms May Result From Anal Play

Anal play can provide an extra level of stimulation, leading to orgasms in some people. This is because anal play can enhance the feeling of being penetrated and provide additional stimulation to the area around the anus. Many people with vaginas also report having their most powerful orgasms from anal penetration.

This is because anal play can create a tighter sensation around the genitals, which may intensify pleasure and orgasm. Additionally, depending on position, the vagina and clitoris can be within easy reach for even more attention. Not only does anal play enhance sexual pleasure, but it's also a great way to learn more about your anatomy and avoid potential harm when engaging in anal sex.

Jelly Butt Plugs Are Exceptionally Inclusive

You can use a butt plug if you have one, and everyone has it. This gives everyone a chance to experiment with different types of anal stimulation, which can be incredibly rewarding and fun.

Jelly butt plugs are particularly inclusive because many folks with various sexual orientations and gender identities find them appealing. After all, anyone can enjoy wearing a butt plug and experience the pleasurable sensations it provides.

With that said, it's essential to ensure you're meticulous about cleaning your sex toys if you're sharing them. Otherwise, they could harbor germs that may lead to discomfort or infections. 

Increased Vaginal Pleasure With Jelly Butt Plugs

Jelly butt plugs are an excellent way to increase pleasure during anal sex. Adding to the enjoyment of butt plugs is their effect on the vagina. For those with a vulva, butt plugs can alter the width of the vagina canal. This makes the simultaneous penetration of the vagina feel extra pleasurable.

Another benefit of using jelly butt plugs is they can be used with any sexual position, which increases flexibility and options for both partners. They also provide a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to play around with different sizes and shapes to find what feels best.

Lastly, jelly butt plugs are easy to clean and sanitize, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for everyone involved in anal play.

Various Toys And Anal Play Elicit Various Emotions

Anal beads, a longer and bulbous version of a butt plug, are either graduated or uniform sets of round beads separated by space, all attached to one long wand. They can be inserted up to the comfort level, left in while another play happens, or gently inserted and removed rhythmically. Or, if your partner has a prostate, you can blow their mind right before they climax with anal beads.

Another popular activity is to insert them into a prostate-wielding person and, as they ejaculate, pull out the beads. This simultaneous stimulation is a real eye-opener; many report incredible pleasure when using anal beads.

Individuals With Prostate Could Enjoy Jelly Butt Plug Play

For those with a prostate, butt plugs- those that vibrate can stimulate the prostate directly, lead to orgasm sometimes.

Also, if you’re only used to experimenting with your penis and not your anus, using a jelly butt plug can be an incredible way to experience a new dimension of pleasure. They’re easy to use and clean, making them an ideal choice for beginners. 

Plus, they provide intense orgasms when used properly. If you're interested in trying one out, investing in a quality anal toy will provide you with hours of pleasurable anal play.

They Can Get You Ready For Anal Sex

To prepare for anal intercourse, butt plugs are fantastic. They're safe, pleasurable, and super effective. If you've been thinking about giving the anal play a try, then using a butt plug is the best way to start. They come in various sizes and materials, offering several options for beginners. Plus, they offer a measure of control for those who want to experiment more with anal play.

Butt plugs can be used as part of anal training or alone. As the name suggests, they stimulate the anus, making it feel full and pleasurable. Besides, they can help you warm up before anal intercourse or give extra sensations during anal stimulation. You can leave them in place while vaginal penetration happens, which allows you to focus on other sexual aspects of your experience without feeling self-conscious or worried about leaving a mess behind.

Also, butt plugs are handy when it comes to cleaning up after anal play. They're easy to rinse and sterilize, making them ideal for long-term use as well. 

They Are Suitable For Solo Playtime

Using a jelly butt plug is a great way to start anal play. They’re easy to use, and many people enjoy the sensation of wearing them for short periods or hours at a time. Plus, they don‘t require any special cleaning or maintenance, making them a great option for anyone interested in experimenting with anal play.

A butt plug alone can also help prepare your bottom if you want to explore backdoor play with your partner. It can help you learn what feels good and what doesn't, which can help you explore backdoor play without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

Anal sex is 90% preparation; as stated by Sinclair, using a butt plug is a great way to start preparing for anal sex. This includes getting mentally prepared and learning what feels good and what doesn't through trial and error.

Using Butt Plugs During Partner Play Can Help You Bond

Using butt plugs during partner play can be fun to get your partner involved in anal play. In addition to providing extra stimulation for when you're having sex, you can use a butt plug as a way to bond with your partner and create an intimate experience.

Because anal play requires vulnerability and communication, adding a toy into the mix can be one way to heighten the sexual tension. Start by slowly inserting the butt plug inside your partner, letting them know what feels good. You may find it erotic to have your partner explore your back door with their finger, tongue, or butt plug.

Once you've established a comfortable rhythm, take the plug out and return to regular consensual anal play. If you're new to anal play and unsure where to begin, consider starting simple and building up. Try using toys other than a butt plug at first, such as fingers or a vibrator, to learn how your body responds to different sensations.

Shifting between different types of play can help you discover what works best for both of you. Without penetration as the goal or result, you'll be able to enjoy the pleasurable feelings without worrying about coming too quickly or not being sufficiently aroused.


Jelly butt plugs are excellent for anal play because they are easy to insert and provide a range of sensations. They’re comfortable to use and can help you become accustomed to stimulating your anus. Besides, they’re versatile and suitable for solo playtime and partner play. 

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