How To Fulfill Your Desires With Anal Toys? (For Beginners!)

Anal toys are the basic when it comes to anal play. They are helpful in providing comfort and easy insertion for enjoying anal. There is a myth that every toy can be an anal toy, but that is not true! Anal toys are the ones that have a base that hinders them from going lost within your rectum.

They are there to avoid any complications while performing anal. It’s better to invest in anal sex toys rather than go on visits to health specialists. We recommend you invest in quality butt toys such as Luminous Glass Butt Plug Dilators. These are perfect choices for bottoming; it doesn’t matter if you want to have a solo play or enhance foreplay with your partner.

There are many amazing options for butt toys that are easily available online. One of the websites that provide a range of anal sex toys is OwnPleasures, where you can check out the latest anal sex toys. Now, let’s have a look at how you can use anal toys for beginners.

How To Perform Anal Play With Anal Toys?

When you use anal sex toys, they should be easy and comfortable to wear for having fun. For this, you need to take some precautions. The first thing that comes is to find the anal toy that is suitable for your needs. 

It includes the right length and girth according to your body shape. The base of the anal sex toy must be in accordance with your requirements. Another crucial thing that comes is to use lots of water-based lube. However, there is more to this, so let’s learn about all that here.

1) Begin Slow And Then Go Deep

When purchasing an anal toy for the first time, it’s rather uncanny to buy butt toys with a bulbous “tip.” These are not that comfortable and are traumatic for the first-time dilation. 

So, it’s advisable to purchase an anal training kit containing three different sizes that increase subtly. It’s better to get one that has a tapered or cone-like design for easy insertion. 

Following are some steps on how you could use an anal toy for an enjoyable experience:

  1. Lube your anal toy generously and insert it inside until you experience some resistance (this resistance is the first sphincter).

  1. Pull out the toy and lubricate it again before trying it for the second time. Repeat steps 1 and 2 6 to 8 times to get three sphincters. This will provide complete relaxation and insertion that feels comfortable. You can pretend like you are having a bowel movement while inserting.

  1. When the toy is fully inserted, don’t just remove it but pull it in and out 10 to 12 times.

  1. At last, repeat these steps and put pressure on the left side, right side, top, and bottom of your butt hole. This will help strengthen and improve your skin's elasticity, plus a completely relaxing sphincter.

2) Base Of Your Anal Toy   

It’s best to have butt toys with a base going straight to the handle for beginners (meaning the ones without having a narrowing or ‘neck’ between the handle along with the part that you use to play. 

It allows you to keep the toy inside for a limited time only, which is a good thing. Leaving the toy inside for too long can lead to swelling in the area or hemorrhoids, specifically during the time of removal.

Some toys have flared bases; others might’ve suction cups for hand-free play, and some have testicles for realism. It is ideal to use a toy that has “balls” as it prevents it from getting lost inside your butt while giving a more realistic experience.

3) Be Calm And Cozy

Making your mind calmer results in relaxing your booty as well. Usually, you will experience three sphincters, including:

  • One Internal - Involuntary
  • Two External - Voluntary

You need to relax both of them to have a pleasurable and good experience. This needs lots of practice, and don’t mistake it as to be an on/off switch. It takes much time to practice dilation, especially in the beginning. Practice yoga and take deep breaths to make your anal play comfortable and enjoyable.

4) Maintain Good Hygiene 

Always keep your anal toys clean to keep yourself safe and increase their lifespan. You can use warm water and soap to wash them before and after each use. Also, dry them off to store them in a dry place when not in use.

In the case of Silicone toys, it’s better to store them separately as they might degrade when kept with other Silicone toys. At times the toys have their own storage bags that will help you store them separately.

It is not recommended to share the toys between partners, especially without washing them. Alternatively, you can use a new condom each time you switch between partners to reduce the hard work of washing them every time.     

Finally, you should not switch between the vagina and anus without adequately cleaning the toy. You can use condoms, as mentioned before as well for switching. Wipe your toy from the front to the back side and switch it only from front to back for anal play.  


To conclude, using anal toys can be fun and easy with precautions. We explained some basics of how to use them in great detail in this article. When followed die-hard, including these pieces of advice in your anal play, will make the process more enjoyable.


Anal toys are not just for experts but can be enjoyed by everyone, from beginners to seasoned players. Proper use is crucial but well worth the effort. Selecting the appropriate size, shape, and material to fit your needs and anatomy and plenty of toy-safe lube can ensure a pleasurable experience. 


The more you practice, the better it will be, especially when performing anal. Butt toys are excellent when you get used to them in the long run. Just be patient and remember to keep yourself safe and harmless.