What is a sex machine? How to use a sex machine (Video)

How to use a sex machine (Video)

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Sex Machines, also call thrusting machine, fucking machine, thrusting dildo machine. For some people, it looks intimidating, BUT it is the most trusted giving pleasure, and durable sex toy you will have.

In simple words, it is a machine where you can place dildos on, it will do the motion another person would do (you can control it) while having sex. It is designed to be placed on a flat surface with anti-slip material on its base, both in order to keep it stable and secure to use. It comes with, at least one, dildo holder, it could point in different directions to please the position you want to use (standing, on your knees, and so on). Also, depending on the machine, it is possible to place many types of dildos, it could be vaginal, anal, or even flashlights. The intensity, speed, and mode can be controlled by the user. The user could decide mode on the machine, by a remote control, and some of them by an app. It also depends on the machine.

Perhaps, the most relevant feature is its power. Many users things it has to give them the best orgasms of their lifetime. It certainly has to be with its power, constant thrusting, and the control the user has over it. Its power is flawless and easy to put together and use.

LADIES, GENTEMALS, COUPLES - It is for ALL people, tastes, and budgets.

There are different versions, and more coming up... Sex Machine 6 Types

  1. Portable Sex Machine:

This is a sex machine easy to take with you anywhere. It is easy to assemble, it can be controlled on control, with remote control, and app. It will please you from stimulating your vagina to anal thrusting. So, don’t lose the opportunity to fill your life with pleasure anywhere. Discreet shipping ALWAYS!!

Fucking machine

      2. Powerful First Generation:

    They are robust machines. Today, they are the most affordable of their type. Yet, POWERFUL and 100% Worthly. There are many accessories and dildo types to attach to it. If you enjoy privacy at home /good place to store your personal stuff. Go for it!!!


         3.Powerful Last Generation:

    They are in the category of robust machines. Today, the last generation of machines. It seems to be a bit intimidating to assembly, but not at all. It is super easy. The machine will come with clear instructions. The best of it is that you always will have an updated machine. Because they are almost 100% customizable. Now, let you watch how to use the sex machine (last generation).


    Sexmaschine Video

    Do not worry!

    Every machine comes with the assembly process explained step by step.

    Get your Sex Machine - Do not stop yourself from having good sex pleasures wether if your are alone or not,  Add joy to your sex-life! 

    Discreet shipping ALWAYS!!

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