The 3 BEST Pieces of Advice (2022) to Spot a Non Legit Sex Doll Website [VIDEO]

Every day there's a new website offering sex dolls. As usual, many of them are run by honest people trying their best to develop a business/brand full of happy customers, and a minority (we want to believe) is scammers.

[Yes, in the very first paragraph we started to contradict most related articles you will find online.  We want to believe is it a minority because we DO NOT HAVE evidence of a large number. However, we DO HAVE evidence of plenty of fellow sex dolls stores (we respect) that tries to demonize others.  That is not our cup of tea, we believe: 

  • A scam is a fraud. 
  • The market is big enough, and everyone doing the right thing should have a chance. 
  • We will try genuine marketing strategies rather than try to point scammers everywhere (when actually are competitors).
  • Some fellow sex doll traders refer to scammer and non-authorized sex doll factories resellers indistinguishably. They are not the same. The problem with the latter is that they are not either the manufacturer or their direct partner. So, you might, for instance,  receive a cheap looking/different face doll, but they might accept their mistake, accept devolution and do the refund. ]

Scammers come in all shapes. Often times you will find the following list - or similar - as the 3 signs to identify a scammer: 

  • Those websites haven't got a really nice and professional looking.  NOT NECESSARILY.  Nowadays, a nice website is built within an hour. 
  • They have on display dolls that you have seems already. NORMAL there are many genuine traders partnered with the same factories.
  • They offer Sex Dolls at Low Prices. IT DEPENDS.  Sometimes a container full of dolls is on its way. So that, the warehouse needs space. In those cases, you will find big discounts in a legit online store as well. Let's put it simply: if you see a 163cm doll at $600 or less, be suspicious.

[Those three points above also contradict some related online information, we know].

So, YES there are some scammers out there, and they might look perfectly fine. How can you actually spot them:

  1. Weird payment options:  avoid uncommon payment options. Avoid: wire, bank or, international funds transfers, money orders, pre-loaded gift cards, and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (the latter might become trusted over time). Most common payment options will include: Google payments (visa, master, etc...), Paypal, and similars.  They ALL have verified business credentials. Disclaimer:  We have no partnership with none of them.  We all - online business- pay a commission to them for every transaction, which speaks volumes when they help to avoid fraud (for both client and business).
  2. Good Customer Services: not only they will get back to you answering your questions, but also they will not be afraid to tell you "you pay for what you get" - politely-.  Also, they should have not problems communicating with the factory for special requirements, offer more options, and so on.  In addition, be suspicious of non-corporate email address: (it applies to gmail, hotmail, etc).  
  3. Pay Attention to Network Warnings:  Only use a Secure Network (particularly when using a mobile). Trusted: Wi-Fi, browser, and so on. Also, in general, when online shopping, always look for the https (not http) and the padlock icon in the address bar to ensure there’s a secure connection between you and the website. Don’t rely on this alone, as some scam websites use https too.  Do NOT panic,  it would be enough if you order from your trusted and protected device. Most sex dolls buyers value their privacy. So, most of you have a secure network

BONUS:  if you find If you still want to buy a doll from them, but also have some tech knowledge you can get to know:

  • How old is a particular website? If they are 1, 2 months old be suspicious. Most scammer websites last for a few weeks to avoid being detected.
  • Also, you might have a look at where they were built, well-known websites and e-commerce platforms have a business verification process they will not pass. Also, those platforms ask businesses to engage with a paid plan - most likely a scammer will avoid.

Well we hope you find it useful,

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Love you all,