Vibrating Balls: The Perfect Addition To Your Toy Collection

Vibrating balls are typically used by athletes to recover from their injuries. But this is only one of the ways to take advantage of this toy; there is more to this. The homemakers can also use these vibrating massage balls to stay active and enhance their health.

Vagina vibrating balls are available in different sizes and colors. They are usually smaller than those used for recovering from a sports injury. These toys also come with in-built vibrations for added pleasure. 

These compact toys also work wonders for the smaller muscles in your body. These muscles include the ones found in your upper arms, thighs, and calves. In this blog, we will share three different ways to use vibrating massage balls for your health and wellness.

Defining Vibrating Massage Balls

A vibrating ball is a small hand-sized toy that has a silicone-covered ball. This ball is covered with silicone to avoid it from scratching your sensitive skin and its other materials. The moment you turn it on, the motor present inside the ball starts creating vibrations within the whole ball. These generated vibrations help in putting pressure on specific areas while freeing you from doing any hard work.

The vibrating massage balls are helpful in massaging larger areas as compared to using your hands that can't reach everywhere. This toy can give you benefits like boosting your circulation and decreasing muscle tension, aches, and pains as well. It acts like a massager to those who are very much sore to receive one otherwise. You can also use it to warm up your muscles before indulging in exercises.

3 Ways In Which You Can Use A Vibrating Ball

Are you thinking of buying a vibrating massage ball but unsure where to look for it? You can get it from Own Pleasures, a reliable source for purchasing sex toys online. Here are the three different ways in which you can use a vibrating ball.

For Shaping And Enhancing Your Body           

A vaginal vibrating ball can help you expand and relax the muscles within your vagina. It can be used to put pressure on diverse places of tension inside your body. This results in ending the tension and rigidness inside your muscles. When you receive a massage with a vaginal vibrating ball, it can help enhance your blood flow as well.

Other benefits of using a vibrating ball include upgrading your flexibility and the extent of your motion. It can also be used to recuperate from the effects of doing exercises. The vibration from the vaginal ball can be used to focus on the rigid parts of your body. 

Besides sexual its usage, you can also use it on your other body parts like your neck, legs, back, and shoulder. Moreover, this results in recovering from the whole day's tiredness and makes you sleep with complete relaxation.     

For Restoring Yourself From Exercise & Travelling    

We understand that exercising is necessary for your health and well-being. But sometimes, it causes your muscles to become stiff. Receiving a vibrating massage from the vibrating ball can help you heal from both heavy exercising and hectic traveling. 

You can use a vibrating ball to massage your muscles whenever you complete your exercise routine or regular workout. It will help you with decreasing the soreness you experience in your body after being involved in a vigorous workout session. Besides this, it is also a profound way to warm up your muscles prior to doing exercise. This helps avoid any injury while enhancing your performance as well.

For Healing From Pains And Aches In Your Body   

A vibrating massage ball is also very helpful in tranquilizing your tense and firm muscles. It also acts as a way to alleviate the pain and pressure that you experience in your joints and muscles. Another way of its usage is to improve your blood flow within your varied body parts. As a result, it helps in decreasing swelling, inflammation, and pain in your body.   

This toy is highly suggested to people who have arthritis and carpal tunnel disorder. It is supportive in improving blood circulation, and that may help in decreasing the pain. The vibrating ball behaves like a way to better manage your body pain.                           


Vibrating balls are ideal for people who stay at home to enhance their health. These toys are available in various sizes plus weights, perfect for all your requirements. They come with different vibration speeds to suit your body type. You should see which size is suitable for your body before making your purchase.

Besides the sexual use of a vibrating ball, some can also be used for massaging your other body parts, such as your back. It can also be used to relax the smaller muscles in your legs, arms, and other parts. Always read the instructions from its manual to learn how to use them and release pressure from your muscles. Alternatively, you can use it to warm up your muscles prior to exercising.