The Vibrating Shoe :(

I was packing up my stuff to move with my new boyfriend, and I knew he would come to help me out.  So, I had to hide my wearable vibrator.  Suddenly, he knocked on the door – earlier than expected -  I had to put the vibe into one shoe.   After a while of diligent packing, we started to get closer. As soon as we started having sex, we both looked at each other wondering what that noise was... Seconds later I recognized the vibrating sound... Noooo  =( 

He bravery stand up to see what was going where my shoes were, while I wished the ground would open up and swallow me whole!!

Do you have a fun sex toy tale to share? 

Please do not hesitate.  Anyways, From the start, the idea was kinkly and funny :)

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