Funny Discovery: Sex Toy in the Room!

Someone on our Instagram account made our day! LOL!

"Oh my god holy shit I saw the remote in my parents' room oh god I hoped it was something else fuck fuck fuck."


That reminded me of a recent similar discovery. I am on house-hunting at the moment. Last week, while doing a viewing, I saw a box full of bondage equipment. The owner of the house tried to hide it, struggled to try to move it for a few seconds, in the end, he just standing in from of it trying to hide it. I could notice how his face changed three tones in seconds... Poor thing!

He should not never feel embarrassed

Sadly for him. Being in this business, I recognised straight away even before he noticed his BDSM essentials in the wrong place! LOL

Love you all!

Do you have a funny discovery like this one?

Share it.  Let's laugh loud! ;)

P.S: It's funny, but also I would be nice if people feel better about having them!  There are increasing pieces of evidence about sex toys benefits 

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