8 Questions About Sex and Intimacy that Will Guide You to Boost Sexual Pleasure and Couple Bonds

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The Routine, Stress, Lack of privacy and Open Communication, among others.  Make difficult the maintenance of a close and healthy relationship. 

However, we should not overwhelm ourselves. There is no such thing as a person having a perfect couple, perfect sex life, perfect house, perfect anything. They are important elements of one life that we managed to handle well or not that well. But certainly, they all change over time for the best or worse. Every stage is important and unique for every people. 

When it comes to relationships there are few common emotional triggers that usually lead to a couple of breakdowns. 

Anjula Mutanda, the author of How to do Relationships, designed a Sex and intimacy quiz that helps to identify the couples' problem origin, and provide some guidelines to boost the magic that brought you both together.

Please do it!  This one could be the first step to a better life!

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