10 to 15% of Women NEVER Climax Under Any Circumstance


10 to 15% of Women NEVER Climax Under Any Circumstance =( 

We have been doing more research since "Women prefer masturbation for better orgasms (32.9%) over sex. Compared to men (17.4%)"

The Outcomes are SHOCKING but not NEW!  There are more than six decades of research!   We strongly believe it has to be with Female Masturbation Patterns! 

WOMEN START MASTURBATION - which means education/get familiar/get to accept and love themselves - TOO LATE IN LIFE!   Our infographic collects some facts to support that argument.

10 to 15% of Women NEVER Climax Under Any Circumstance

Overall, reach orgasms remain an issue for many women. It seems to be with the knowledge about themselves, which also constrains the ability to teach their partners. Masturbation Patterns seems to play a crucial predictor role of a happy and healthy sexual life.  Our Infographic illustrates some essential facts. 

However, in at least 60 years, nothing seems to have a change a lot. Why is it still an issue?  We would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, here we go again, LADIES MASTURBATE!!!!

Repeat after me:  IT IS OK!  YES, IT IS OK!



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Well, we came speaking as a 48 yr old. From being told how it should be, and your voice doesn’t matter. To a generation where you can’t touch your kids for discipline, women felt overwhelmed, men felt useless. Now we have more than we know what to do with. You, as a female, were either sexually abused, or overpowered into thinking that’s how you act in the bedroom. We were raised to be beneath thy man NOT side by side. I myself can only have an orgasm if I play with my clot, or ride my partner. I was 35 before I would touch myself in the presence of another human (male). Not if I don’t have an orgasm and you shrivel up and fall off… Oh well, watch how I orgasm. Lol, it’s my way now. I’m not scared.


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