Struggling to choose a sex toy? Here some tips

There are Bullets, Rabbits, G-Spot vibes, Dildos, Classic Vibrators, and so on. The sex toy list is endless. Nowadays, people increasingly look for a sex toy as a trusted tool or aid to enjoy sexual life solo or shared. Also, arguably the taboo that surrounded them is slowly falling apart. In one hand, for the beginner, it could be merely overwhelming to get the first one. But also for the knowable people that are fancying to go beyond, explore more, feel more, it could be a puzzling process choose the next one.

First thing first, for the beginners. Don't Worry!! It only seems kinky the first time.

Literally!   Only keep in mind that a sex toy will help you to have fun! 

If you are "Fifty Shades of Grey" fan, you could follow this Guide to the Toys in the film, that we enjoyed reading. 

Or going through our easy list of questions:

  • What turns you on? 
  • Would you like stimulation inside or outside? Both? Where? 
  • Solo or partner play? Maybe, same-sex experience? 
  • Would you prefer automatic vibration? Or only the Dildo – you will make the motion-
  • Do you want to explore different vibration types? 
  • Do you want to explore with double penetration or stimulation?

The main idea is to state your knowledge about yourself; what do you know about yourself? Visualise yourself having the experience? What do you fancy? What are you willing to do/explore at your level of expertise?

Other details such as colour are mere accessories. However, it is crucial:

  • Consent comes FIRST  (for shared sex enjoyment)
  • A sex toy is for fun – NO PAIN at any moment – BE aware that some sex toys come by size. So, they should be used accordingly. Do not rush or you can harm yourself. For instance, the anal plug set must be used gradually. 
  • Medical Silicone is a safer material for most sex toys.
  • Run away the phrase "cheap sex toys". Your safety should be the priority at anytime
  • Buy on trusted stores – physical or online-. 
  • Stay Shame-Free -Link to a guide -

Here at OwnPleasures, we spent a massive amount of time choosing the correct suppliers for you. Please, keep in mind that fake reviews and rates is – sadly- a Successful Business that the digital revolution also has let developed.

Finally, we want to offer a short list of the most popular sex toys. 

  • Vagina Balls: Also called Kegel balls, Ben Wa balls, Love Balls among others have been used for generations to whip the vagina and pelvic floor muscles into shape. But do more than that, they’re better known for enhancing sexual pleasure! 
  • Bullets: Good first vibe option. They are small and powerful vibrators used for clitoral stimulation. 
  • Rabbits: Well-Known for its double-stimulation feature or women double-orgasm. When clitoral and vaginal orgasm occurs simultaneity. - Or G-spot orgasm -. Rabbit vibrators give a more intense experience than the traditional dildo or clitoral stimulator
  • G-spot vibes: They are designed to reach the inner front wall of the vagina or to reach the G-spot. Therefore, they have an extra "tilted top".
  • Classic vibes: They are traditionally phallic shaped, but also there are stylish curved ones. They can be used for inner and outer stimulation. Also, the quantity of vibration types varies.
  • Dildo: They are a classic toy, as the vibes, often explicitly phallic in appearance, and used for sexual penetration most of the time. They do not move automatically. The user makes the motion. They come with a suction cup function to stick on any flat surface, hollow, strapless or strap-on, and in different sizes and flexibility levels. 
  • Couple vibes:  They are advanced devices. Their design reaches pleasures spots of the couple at the same time. One of our customers said: "The orgasm comes in one minute or two."
We only listed seven. But there are much more.  For instance, "Fifty Shades of Grey" inspired eleven.  Or, have a look at this Sex Toy Guide. Seriously, the list, information and features available are massive. 

    Seriously, are you considering the idea? Go through the questions above if that helps you, BUT do not overthink about it!

    It will be FUN!   

    Do you have something to add?  Your contribution is gold for us and might be for someone else! 


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