What to do on Valentine's Day? Masturbate

I was reading here and there.  I found this post written a while ago. I don't know its author or have nothing to be with the website but it is easy to read, straight forward, and accurate content. The content relates fantastically to our mission here.

"Proudly Supporting your satisfaction, self-discovery and sexuality!" Which in other words means;

PLEEEEASE Masturbate! Enjoy, play, have fun, feel sexy, ACHIEVE SUPER ORGASMS. For that, you don't need anybody else, but YOURSELF!

If you are not ready to talk about it, it is fine. 

If you are ready, then, BETTER.

Because many women still are wondering if masturbation is ok! 

Also, if they do it, they probably feel ashamed of themselves! Or keep thinking that they did something wrong/banned/evil. When the only thing they are doing is FEELING - as a human being - Only FEEL

Ladies, also Gentlemen. Everyone!

Feel Sexual Pleasure is good, healthy, AWESOME, given by nature and FREE.

Having said all the above, do you a favour; allow yourself to feel. This Valentine's Day Solo or with Someone: MASTURBATE! =)

With Love,

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