Youthful Vagina? Exercise it!

The Vagina ages as any other organs. A "Tight" and "Loose" vagina could be related to its age, genetic and natural childbearing. Vaginal issues can also cause stress, less sexual desire, impact your self-confidence, and relationship problems. Know what to do, can benefit your vagina and general health.

Imagine a juicy fruit, let say a grapefruit, in your hands. The orange' peel is the vagina; the pulp is the folded muscle tissue of the vaginal wall. And your hands are the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina.

The vagina's tightly folded muscle tissue - the pulp- is extremely malleable. If it is stretched, it returns at the same state, and no one would ever know its previous condition. The same goes for the vagina - except due to fatigue: childbearing and age-. The pelvic floor muscles strength - your hands- determine how much the vagina - orange - is squeezed.

An orange squeezed powerfully gives more juice, right? Similarly, it goes for the lovely vagina. Stronger the ability to squeeze, and the vagina feels tighter - reverting the fatigue effect considerably and increasing the motion-control needed for sexual pleasure -Pompoir-.

How can we make our muscle stronger? Exercising them.

Sex Therapists recommendation is to use: Vagina Balls, Kegel Balls, Pleasures Balls or how you prefer to call them. You also can find positive feedbacks online. Either way, they do work. It makes sense. Like legs, arms, chest, If you are discipline exercising them. You'll see the results. Same comes for the pelvic floor muscles that surround the vagina.

Men reported "I notice when she sometimes squeezes her muscles when we are having sex. I also recognize it when she orgasms".

On the other hand, some women have reported: "the ball fell out how do I stop it?". 1) That only means you are the perfect candidate to use them. 2) You have to keep trying because at the moment your inner muscles have not the ability to keep it inside. 3) Perhaps it is a mini ball; you could try a bigger one

Also, young people could say: "They don't work, I haven't noticed any different", which may be right. Because of your age, lack of natural childbirth, body composition and, sometimes, genetic.

However, for any mommy of the planet, and ladies over '30s. They are strongly advisable. They could feel uncomfortable at first - like any other exercise - You should do it gradually, but they will work!

Therefore, ladies as you do quadriceps and triceps, include "Vagina" on your weekly workout plan. You won't regret it!

Love you all!


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